First Post

About time really, as I’m constantly having conversations with my own conscience with respect to knowledge related challenges. In the spirit of ‘2.0’ I’m going to now share these reflections more publicly and hopefully encourage some conversations/thoughts around my posts. At the very least they could strike a chord and help someone, somewhere in their own knowledge management world in what I’m finding to be an exciting, motivating and a sometimes lonely and confusing journey. Let the blogging begin!

3 thoughts on “First Post

  1. “The Journey” is a highly meaningful story symbol & story device indeed! And often, you are right, our Hero feels lonely during his adventure. Story-Truth tells us that you may soon meet with “wise advisers”. Or gain a “trusted companion”. Keep your eyes open!


  2. Many thanks for your supporting words Lisa. It has been a while since I’ve been called a hero though (maybe they could work that into my job description!). Like everyone else I thoroughly enjoyed hearing yours and Lizzie’s experiences. I’m glad you’re following this blog and look forward to hearing your comments on future posts.


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