Knowledge Café Launch Starbucks Drive -Thru Manchester 28th June 6-9 pm

Knowledge Cafes have been successfully running in the North West of England for over 6 years. With an established Liverpool presence a Manchester launch has now been planned to be held on June 28th at Starbucks Trafford Park Manchester. The Café will start at 6pm with a coffee tasting session and nibbles provided by Starbucks. The programme will then begin at 6.30 and go on until 9pm.
Knowledge Cafes can be used to:
          Give people a voice for them to feel heard, making them less cynical and more engaged in their work
          As a stimulus for innovation by challenging people to reflect on their thinking; help them surface new ideas and make new connections
          Breaks down organizational silos
          As a sales tool to engage our customers in conversation and thus better understand their needs and for them to better understand our products or service 
          Surface hidden problems and opportunities that exist in our organisation or in a department or project – especially ones caused by lack of communication.
This initial café will explain the background, format and purpose of the Knowledge Café concept. Following this will be specific question/s around the subject of knowledge cafes as an area of discussion for the rest of the evening.
For more information on how to register for this free event, please contact me directly via email or the phone on 07917 087856 or join the Knowledge Café 0151 Groupsite (also free to register) organised by Peter Bond HERE
Further information of the Knowledge Café concept can be found HERE 
And on my recent blog post HERE

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